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Society Vehicle Dealers Association of Latvia (LATTA) is the organisation representing interests of the Latvian vehicle dealers

Goals and Objectives:
  • to promote the development of Latvian economy in the field of vehicle trade;

  • to bring together vehicle sales professionals to identify and address industry issues;

  • to improve, in cooperation with state institutions and non-governmental organizations, the regulatory framework for vehicle trade;

  • to promote fair and equal competition in vehicle trade;

  • to provide support to members of the LATTA in disputes with state and municipal institutions on issues related to vehicle trade;

  • to elaborate uniform forms of vehicle sales documentation for the members of the LATTA;

  • to promote traffic safety in cooperation with SJSC "Road Traffic Safety Directorate";

  • to inform the public about the requirements for the trade and operation of vehicles, promoting trust in cooperation with LATTA members.

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